Social Networks Integration with reduced external requests and single solution

I want Social registration, Likes/Follow, Sharing, commenting with LinkedIn,Facebook, twitter and google with profile data option for buddypress.

There are 100’s of plugins out there, including ultimate facebook and floating share from wpmDev repository which i am using now.

Issue is this, If i want all above networks integrated with my site it takes 5-6 plugins. Different styles for social buttons and other items. Doesn’t look good. Then issues with minifying and combining js/css.

Using those plugins including ultimate facebook and floating social, i am facing issues with minifying and combining. If remove facebook connect widget, page load speed is 1-2 second better.

Is there single solution to achieve this?

How to avoid so many external requests for js/css when using social plugins?

Will it be good option to integrate all networks manually and use my own styling, prvoided this setup allow to reduce external requests?

Any help or direction will be appreciated. Thanks