Social Theme Crop Avatar Issue

Hello, I checked the other posts regarding Social Theme and Avatars but they were not the same issue Im having.

I can upload a new avatar, but when I try to crop it, It shows a misleading image in the crop box. Ive attached a picture to show. as long as the crop box is positioned over the real image, it still will successfully crop the image... but the little image inside the cropbox is way off, it will show the full image even if you are only boxing just a face...

I checked with buddypress default theme and it works correctly in there...

Is there a fix for this or can i even somehow just use the default theme cropping code? I was going to try to take the code myself, but when i compared the default theme "change-avatar.php" file with Social theme "change-avatar.php" file, I couldnt see a difference.. so i guess thats not where that takes place? (Im trying :slight_smile:

Ok, well any help would be appreciated.