Social Theme Customization - and now can't register any new users (even without plugins)


I had a pretty heavy visual custom job on the Social Theme done for my BuddyPress site.
(Hired somebody on Odesk for it.)

See test site here:

Running latest WP MULTI-SITE, latest BuddyPress, latest Social Theme (and customized child theme).

But now I realize one can not even register...%^&*(

Site acts like it registered the new user, but then no email to user, and no new user visible in WP backend.

I then tried to register with the exact same info (since no user with that info shown in WP backend), and, when I chose the SAME BLOG URL to be created (again, it's a WP MULTI-SITE, so new users have the option to create their own blog on the site), the system tells me that Blog URL is already taken - so the system at some level DID store that there was somebody trying to register...
See screenshot here:

Even when I disable all plugins, this stays this way.

Even when I switch to the DEFAULT BUDDYPRESS THEME, this stays this way (new users can't register).

SIDE NOTE: even when I activate the default buddypress theme, I do NOT see the regular BP theme, but I see a lot of the visual customizations there were done.

Anyway, it seems like this issue of users not being able to register must have something to do with the CUSTOMIZATIONS, agreed?

If the Social Theme itself had that issue in general, I am sure a lot of users would have mentioned this on this forum.

Any pointers appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Falk,

    It looks to me like the registration process is working fine and I'm wondering if maybe this just has to do with the activation link?

    When registering using BuddyPress, an activation email is sent out and it must be responded to in order for the account to get created properly. Have you checked for that?

    I just created a test account 'wpmu' and was able to log in after clicking the link in the activation email. Perhaps that's all that's needed?


  • tapswinkler
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    You know what it was...?

    I signed up with other gmail accounts I have, which I have set up to FORWARD to my main email account.

    BUT..., since the WP activation emails (after somebody signs up at the site) SADLY always seems to land in gmail's SPAM folder, they do not get forwarded... - and I never saw them.


    Thanks for pointing me to that! :wink:

    Case solved.


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