Social Theme customization issues

I have looked, and tried all issues. I am changing the child theme, have them both in the themes folder, correctly. The footer has changed, the rest has not? the stylesheets don’t change, the navigation doesn’t change? I have also altered the archives page, and that worked, it is all the header/nav area that is not working? any ideas? Thanks

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @petem: What is the structure you are using for the child theme? Are the files in the same place as the ones for the parent? Also in your style.css under your child are you referring to those style sheet changes (it would required you either changing their paths or uncommenting child.css. If you can let me know I can diagnose it a bit more for you. If you do feel it’s correct I’d be happy to look at your child theme if you want to attach it and let me know which theme you are using it for.

  • Richie_KS
    • HummingBird

    make sure you used new tpl in child themes.

    if you previously had bp-social-child ( 1.1.2) in /wp-content/themes/ and had copy over the parent template to child themes, make sure you recopy the new parent template (with your own edit added if have one) to the child theme.

    also make sure you do not rename parent themes since child theme are dependable on

    parent theme name inside child theme – > style.css

    Template: bp-social

  • petem
    • Flash Drive

    Thank you guys for your responses, I have switched to the scholar theme, I have downloaded and unzipped the themes, and placed the bp-scholar-child and bp-scholar as follows



    I have made only a few basic chances, to the archive page, footer to test it out, and they work fine, I have tried to alter the main-navigation.php, so what I did was inside my bp-scholar-child/ folder, I made an /includes/main-navigation.php directory and folder, which is how it is inside the bp-scholar folder, this doesn’t take the changes. So I tried also on the /includes/members-box.php file and that also doesn’t work. All the permissions have been taken care of also.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @petem: Ah sorry you are wanting to call non default BuddyPress pages in the child theme. For that you need to replace:

    <?php load_template (TEMPLATEPATH . '/includes/main-navigation.php'); ?>


    <?php load_template (STYLESHEETPATH. '/includes/main-navigation.php'); ?>

    Any place you see TEMPLATEPATH you want to change it to STYLESHEETPATH and it will pick up your new one. Parent and child themeing works automatically for default templates eg; archive, index, footer and header but won’t where direct calls are.

    Let me know if that resolves the issue for you.

    Basically you are saying by using a child theme that your TEMPLATEPATH is bp-scholar and your STYLESHEETPATH is bp-scholar-child so it’s getting the wrong main-navigation.php.

    It’s really the biggest pitfall with child and parent themes but done so that only custom parts that are needed are called as the end user can choose which to call if you set TEMPLATEPATH.

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