Social Theme install (beginer)

I know this has been discussed before, but I looked around and have been trying to figure out how to install the theme. This is what I done.

Site is running Buddypress with MU activated and working. And trying the MU Social theme. (I think that is the best for what I am accomplishing.)

-Stupidly I tried to install the theme just the ordinary way and recieved broken theme thing.

-Then read that I got to upload files (now can I use Cpanel from my hosting or do I need Filezilla)?

-I read that I got to unzip the folder in the package. (done that and have 217 files) I read that there is a theme folder under child and parent theme folder or vice versa) But don’t see it

-I also read to load one theme at a time. (but didnt get that far)

I guess I am lost at this point at the propper way to install it, and I read the help manuals. I guess I am asking what is the best method step by step to install it. And what not to do?

Sorry for such a stupid question, but I tried to read the manuals and just confused on what to install and can I use my cpanel or does it need an FTP program.

PS I tried to install group calendar (but I will post that in another topic if I can’t find any similar)

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    Best practice would be to use an ftp program. Once you get the hang of it you’ll find it to be way easier/faster than going through cPanel. Although you could use cPanel if you had no choice.

    When you download a zip file from here. It’ll often have a zip file inside of it. This is the one that’ll contain the plugin/theme. In your case you want to look for a folder called “bp-social”. This folder should be uploaded directly to content/themes (again I’d recommend using an ftp program).

    Once the folder has been uploaded entirely look through the contentsin wp-conent/themes/bp-social does it match up with everything you have in the folder on your computer? Normally an ftp program will alert you if something fails to upload, but just verify to be sure.

    Now, go to Super Admin>Themes and you should see “BuddyPress Social” listed as a theme option. Enable it and click “Apply changes”. Now you should be able to go to your Appearances>Themes menu and activate BuddyPress Social as your main theme.

    Hope this helps. If you need further clarification. Tell me exactly where you’re getting stuck and we’ll see if we can’t get it sorted. Sound good? :smiley:


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