Social Theme install (beginer)

I know this has been discussed before, but I looked around and have been trying to figure out how to install the theme. This is what I done.

Site is running Buddypress with MU activated and working. And trying the MU Social theme. (I think that is the best for what I am accomplishing.)

-Stupidly I tried to install the theme just the ordinary way and recieved broken theme thing.

-Then read that I got to upload files (now can I use Cpanel from my hosting or do I need Filezilla)?

-I read that I got to unzip the folder in the package. (done that and have 217 files) I read that there is a theme folder under child and parent theme folder or vice versa) But don’t see it

-I also read to load one theme at a time. (but didnt get that far)

I guess I am lost at this point at the propper way to install it, and I read the help manuals. I guess I am asking what is the best method step by step to install it. And what not to do?

Sorry for such a stupid question, but I tried to read the manuals and just confused on what to install and can I use my cpanel or does it need an FTP program.

PS I tried to install group calendar (but I will post that in another topic if I can’t find any similar)