Social theme, ssl redirects and missing file recursion problems

Sorry guys if I'm having a dig but having just signed up for a premium service for some robust themes and plugins (because im not a coder) and i'm having to debug a hole stack of things that were working to a greater extent with the freebees from the buddypress site.

I've the latest versions of everything having chosen and installed wordpress (network enabled), buddypress, etc just 10 days ago.

Starting with the social theme (and having switched from the Custom Community theme which worded out of the box - just not the right functionality for me), Ive lost the SSL redirects (I set-up to work from the site config.php) from the login and register buttons on the front page. The log-in form redirects you to the standard wordpress login after having put in your name and password so that you have to login again .

I have fixed this now for anyone who is interested by adding "login_post" to the form action field in the file top-header.php. along the following lines:

site_url( 'wp-login.php', 'login_post' ).

I have also put in the introduction an https link to the registration form, but short of commenting out the button to register in the top-header.php file I dont know how to change the registration button. Can you help with this ???

Secondly ive got stacks of internal recursion limit errors due to missing files refenced by the theme . I uped my recursion limit but its still hitting 30 recursions.

Ive fixed the obvious missing files such as re-naming the sample custom stylesheets but jd.Gallery.css has a stack of image references that dont exist. No idea what this sheet is used by but I've had to comment out all the missing image references.

also global.css is somehow referencing a file called "none", and I cant find the offending item in the file Can you help with this as well please???

I look forward to your advice.