Solid Hosting for Buddypress MU

Hello there,

I just signed up for WPMU Dev and excited.

I am now ready to select my host. I have worked with buddypress before but I have 2 of them on my Hostgator reseller account (shared I believe) and was told before Dedicated or VPS is the way to go.

Any recomondations? Here are requirments:

-Need solid hosting to support MU (I want to start small but could upgrade)

-Would be nice if it had WP auto install unless you suggest differently.

-The site will be brand new, but could potentaly explode (I am just kidding my self) but I want to availability to expand plans as size goes up. Now I would like to support a couple hundred blogs and maybe 1500 users.

-Enough storage to support BP Media (when the new eddition comes out)

-Month by Month Plan

-Fast and reliable customer support.

My budget is $25-$110 for right now, but the less money the better if I can expand plans in future.