Solution FOUND: Buddypress / WP 3.1 Update / Plugins Broken / Admin Links Gone...

just wanted to share.. after much research and aa whole lot of buddypress plugins that i could not find in the admin panel any more after the latest wp 3.1 update..

here is the way to bring those buddypress plugin admin links back:

in the core.php file for the plugin in question

[ original ]
add_action('admin_menu', 'whateverplugin_admin_menu');
[ changed to ]
add_action('network_admin_menu', 'whateverplugin_admin_menu');

so just add network_ in front of admin_menu

and then you will be able to see the admin menu within buddypress back-end...

i did a text search to be sure i found all occurrences of admin_menu because sometimes it is used more than once.

hope that makes sense..


    Hello gina,

    Many thanks for sharing that!

    As I haven't really tested BuddyPress as much since the latest updated, I wasn't aware of the trouble. I was wondering though, would that fix only be necessary with network-based BuddyPress plugins?

    PS. I gave you a few rep points for that. Rumors tells of many upcoming benefits of having lots of rep points!



    hi david,

    ya i think it is just with network buddypress sites.

    thanks for the points it just took me so long to figure out.. thought it might save someone else some time.

    take care,


    This raises a point though. If you are doing that you are modifying a plugin because it's probably not been updated for 3.1 yet. I'd caution anyone not using a plugin that hasn't been updated. If it has an is intended to be used there it should have the menu change built in. Just a word of caution.


    thanks all..

    ya tammie i was concerned on that but.. i noticed the plugins were still functioning on the site.. just the admin link was gone to access settings.. i haven't had any problems besides that.



    @tammie, The problem is there are a many BP plugins that simply won't be upgraded. Take a look at the official BP plugin repository and you'll see quite a few plugins with notes from developers indicating the plugin has been abandoned. It's possible someone will adopt some of the more popular plugins, but in the meantime we have to move forward with our sites.

    In the meantime I suggest a slight modification to Gina's original fix. The line below will test whether or not WordPress is actually running in multi-site mode and will position the admin menu accordingly.

    add_action(is_multisite() ? 'network_admin_menu' : 'admin_menu', 'whateverplugin_admin_menu');