Solution FOUND: Buddypress / WP 3.1 Update / Plugins Broken / Admin Links Gone...

just wanted to share.. after much research and aa whole lot of buddypress plugins that i could not find in the admin panel any more after the latest wp 3.1 update..

here is the way to bring those buddypress plugin admin links back:

in the core.php file for the plugin in question

[ original ]
add_action('admin_menu', 'whateverplugin_admin_menu');
[ changed to ]
add_action('network_admin_menu', 'whateverplugin_admin_menu');

so just add network_ in front of admin_menu

and then you will be able to see the admin menu within buddypress back-end...

i did a text search to be sure i found all occurrences of admin_menu because sometimes it is used more than once.

hope that makes sense.. :disappointed: