Solving a BuddyPress Group eMail debugging error

I’m trying to debug my WP install, and got some debugging errors for BuddyPress Group Email. Can you please help me to solve these?

Thank you very much in advance.

Strict Standards: Declaration of BP_Groupemail_Extension::display() should be compatible with BP_Group_Extension::display($group_id = NULL) in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/sxtest/wp-content/plugins/bp-group-email/includes/bp-group-email.php on line 193

Strict Standards: Declaration of BP_Groupemail_Extension::edit_screen() should be compatible with BP_Group_Extension::edit_screen($group_id = NULL) in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/sxtest/wp-content/plugins/bp-group-email/includes/bp-group-email.php on line 193

Strict Standards: Declaration of BP_Groupemail_Extension::edit_screen_save() should be compatible with BP_Group_Extension::edit_screen_save($group_id = NULL) in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/sxtest/wp-content/plugins/bp-group-email/includes/bp-group-email.php on line 193

Strict Standards: Declaration of BP_Groupemail_Extension::create_screen() should be compatible with BP_Group_Extension::create_screen($group_id = NULL) in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/sxtest/wp-content/plugins/bp-group-email/includes/bp-group-email.php on line 193

Strict Standards: Declaration of BP_Groupemail_Extension::create_screen_save() should be compatible with BP_Group_Extension::create_screen_save($group_id = NULL) in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/sxtest/wp-content/plugins/bp-group-email/includes/bp-group-email.php on line 193

  • romanzy
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Pedrag,

    Thanks for your feedback. I have the latest version of both WP and BP installed, and the latest version of the KLEO theme, and 95 active plugins (all latest versions). I have only a few debug errors, of which 3 WPMU plugins, being Group Email, Live Stream Widget, and Custompress, so not bad at all.

    I’m running on MAMP Pro locally with PHP 5.6.7. Maybe the PHP version could be the cause.

    I believe it’s a BuddyPress bug, for which I refer to this ticket. : It’s a patch for BP itself, but it’s also related to Group ID.

    Hope that helps.



  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi @romanzy,

    Thanks for the additional info, looking at your setup I do think that this may be showing because of PHP version you are using, but just to be sure let me call in some second level support dev guys in here so they can share their opinion with us.

    Please note that, developer response might be slower than usual staff response, so we appreciate your patience on this.

    Best regards,


  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hi @romanzy

    These are simple notice, you can ignore those. These notices are helpful for developers but not harmful for end users. You can disable debug mode to hide those notices.

    Actually, the plugin keeps supporting older versions of php too, still now many users use older version of php. As you are using latest version of php, so there are some notices being generated in those sections. The plugin will work perfectly fine :slight_smile:

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have any.



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