Some advice to add a pet database to site and then make it easy to navigate


I am trying to work out what would be the best way to add a database of animals to a pet rescue site that i am being asked to produce. If you take a look at this link you will see what i am trying to re-create.

Basically i need to be able to add pets pics / stats / etc that are at the home into a database that can then be categorised into area / type / breed etc so that viewers can then go onto the opening page and then choose what type of animal category an then be presented with a lineup (as per site above) so that they can then click on an animal they like to get more information.

I need for the site owners to be able to add this information easily (as if they were adding a blog post) and thief to be formatted consistently on the final pet info page.

Is there a plugin that i can add to wordpress that will make it possible to custom put together the fields that need to be added for the pets and then enable me to present lineups of pets that fit the categories that the user may choose?

For example..


I hope this makes sense.