Some Anti splog part detected changes by Wordfence (is it usual?)

Hi my Wordfence find problem
"Modified plugin file: wp-content/plugins/anti-splog/readme.txt"
"Modified plugin file: wp-content/plugins/anti-splog/screenshot-1.jpg"

here is a pic what is changed, i set up anti splog as tutorial on usage page?

Please tell me what to do, to ignore problem, if its not real problem, or to restore files to original versions, Wordfence give me that option?

Thank you?

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Nikola!

    First off, neither of those are critical files, so altering them shouldn't negatively affect anything except the readme file, which isn't used in the plugin itself, it's just a text file of info.

    Restoring the original versions shouldn't harm anything either, but I'm not sure why WordFence would be sending an alert if you haven't done anything to those files.

    Take a backup, just in case, and then go ahead and restore the originals. If anything is odd, you can always restore your backup, but I don't see any indication that you'll have a problem here.

    Thanks, Nikola! Hope you're about to have a great weekend. :slight_smile:

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