Some Code from Fundraiser isnt working


While going through the fundraising code we came across this line in ipn_handle function in gateway/paypal.php

$full_name = (isset($details['addressList_address(0)_addresseeName']) ? explode(' ',$details['addressList_address(0)_addresseeName'],2) : false);

if($full_name != false) {
$transaction['first_name'] = $full_name[0];
$transaction['last_name'] = $full_name[1];

But first_name and last_name is never displayed at the back end of the campaign so upon debugging the $details variable which is

$nvp = 'preapprovalKey='.$_POST['preapproval_key'];
$nvp .= '&getBillingAddress=1';
$details = $this->adaptive_api_call( 'PreapprovalDetails', $nvp );

Below is the response from printing detail variable

[responseEnvelope_timestamp] => 2015-06-15T13:50:53.121-07:00
[responseEnvelope_ack] => Failure
[responseEnvelope_correlationId] => eb80bbb87f0f0
[responseEnvelope_build] => 15743565
[error(0)_errorId] => 550001
[error(0)_domain] => PLATFORM
[error(0)_subdomain] => Application
[error(0)_severity] => Error
[error(0)_category] => Application
[error(0)_message] => User is not allowed to perform this action
[error(0)_parameter(0)] => Billing Address

If you notice there is no such thing like firstname or last name there so make the long story short this call is always getting fail (due to which first_name and last_name are not being displayed). Though other API calls like (PAY, PAYMENTDETAILS etc ) are working fine.

Can you please ask the fundraiser developers to look into this and correct us if we are not looking/testing it correctly. Thanks