some confusion with the update notification

please use constant versioning numbers, see screen shot for more details:

oh and what about marketpress? I remember after its release, the auto update would update me with the free version from - does that version still exist and is that issue with my premium version being updated to the free version solved?

  • Ovidiu
    • Code Wrangler

    I can't find that thread either. but I know someone replied and said Barry would look at it.

    Basically the built in wordpres update would update my premium marketpress version with the free/lite one you released on which btw. I can't find anymore - did you take it off there?

  • Ovidiu
    • Code Wrangler

    thx aaron.
    no wonder I couldn't find that thread seeing that I was looking at the wrong plugin.

    so yeah, as long the automatic update notifications work I'm all good, it just looked strange to me..

    sorry didn't want to make it look like any plugins were involved... you can treat it as a feature suggestion: use a standardized versioning system :slight_smile:

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