Some features suggestions for e-Newsletter

I'n quite new to WPMU DEV and to e-Newsletter plugin in particular, but... after using it quite a bit I deceded to share some suggestions as soon as I read about new version of this plugin is prepared. I hope some of them may be useful.

1. Localization. Is it possible to use date_i18n() instead of just date() for date formatting when building newsletters from templates, so that dates could be translated also. The plugin's version, I've download after purchasing, the .pot file did not contain all strings - so that I had to scan the source code for them. It's not a big issue, but quite irritating one.

2. Newsletter content - could we have some filters like the_content to be able to add some default content to each newsletter without copy-pasting.

3. The admin table UI for members, newsletters etc. Why not to use native WP_Lists_Table class to display them? It will make tables look more native and provide the native controlls like paginatioin for them. The UI consistency matters a lot in client's projects, you know.
Could we have and ability to ajust a sort order of rows inside the tables? (WP_Lists_Table could help with that) In particular, I'd like to have recent issues of newsletter on top, not on the last possible page. Why not to use WP default classes for buttons - it makes them look more native?
Could we have some hooks on admin pages to add some custom settings if we need without hacking? I know that I can create my own page - but for just one or two option it's a bit excessively.

I know all this suggestions are quite small and 'uninteresting' ones, but this small things makes the developers' days brighter :slight_smile: Thank you in advance for the attention.