Some help to change the Network Theme

Hello guys!

I need some help to change some things in network theme.
I almost got what I want, I changed the avatar side form right to left, now I need to put the main profile menu to below the users avatar.

You can check it here:

I need some help to:

Increase the search bar width on the top. What Is make the entire bar like the G+ search bar, so I need to move the search bar a little bit to right and increase it´s width.

Put the user menu below the image.

See attachment.



  • Vaughan

    hi @derek

    thanks for the post.

    you can do this by editing the CSS.

    the 1st issue with the textareas overlapping the logo text is because you have used max-width instead of width

    #header .logo {
        float: left;
        line-height: 75px;
        max-width: 235px;
        overflow: hidden;


    #header .logo {
        float: left;
        line-height: 75px;
        overflow: hidden;
        width: 250px;

    it's pretty much the same for the rest. find the div in the template & then edit the CSS accordingly.

    If you use a tool like firebug in firefox browser, you can pretty much select the element & firebug will highlight the CSS for it and tell you exactly where it is & what to change. it can let you edit the CSS in realtime to see how it looks, you can then copy/paste into your CSS file. it really does make things like this a breeze to accomplish.

    if you require any further help, let us know.

    hope this helps.


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