Some ideas and requesteds in a next build of Slide In.

Hello There

We were playing and testing the Plugin on

Some of the things we picked up was:

1) number of times the slide is visible for the visitor

2) If the visitor already took an action the slider should automatically not show again especially if the slide is a sign up form or such.

3) The slider is very useful to share as the shared link is always the actual page, but it would be great to be able to remove the numbers for a start.

4)It would be good to be able to add restricted pages for example if the aim is to get the client to the contact us page the slider should not show up again there

a never show again or a do not show on this page again button could reduce the annoying factor of the slider if that shows up too often

5) The Social Icons looks like a mess and needs to be fixed.

6) Html and short codes are a must for using the slider.

7) This would be a great help if it was responsive

8) Override of default slide is not available for pages just for posts.

Please take note we are not saying this is a bad plunging infact it rocks we would just like to see these items address in later versions of the pluging.

Thank you Kindly

Mark de Scande