Some images are not serving from CDN

Smush is suggesting to reduce image sizes and also suggesting to differing images in my home page.
For some of the images the CDN is working but for the top sidebar images it is suggesting for reducing the size and it seems they are not loading CDN versiosn of the images.
And the LazyLoading is not working entirely.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    HI Artur

    I hope you're fine today and thank you for reaching out to us!

    I checked your site and did some tests on it. There were two issues that had to be addressed initially:

    1. There was "cache cached" and assets (mostly minified CSS) were served that were not reflecting changes made to the site (such as Smush configuration). That was because there was earlier Fastest Cache enabled and apparently Hummingibird cache "cached" the cache created by Fastest Cache - this is something that can happen if there's more than single cache active.

    Clearing Hummingbird cache entirely helped so that's no longer an issue.

    2. Your theme includes some "lazy loading" feature already so if Smush Lazy Load is enabled, that should be disabled. I've disabled it for now in child theme options to be able to run tests.

    However, while that had to be addressed, it didn't quite solve the issue. There's still something wrong with both lazy load and CDN. As for lazy load, it seems that switching it off in the them doesn't really change much except for removing related CSS classes from images but the theme full JS (including code responsible for lazy loading) is still being loaded. It seems like that's interfering - code from theme and Smush. Unfortunately, it seems that - if I'm not missing anything - it might be difficult to "disable" theme's lazy load code entirely as it seems to be the part of the more "general" JS.

    If you disable Smush Lazy Loading and enable theme's lazy loading back - does lazy load on images work for you? If yes, it might be easier in this case to use that one.

    As for the CDN. During testing I found something really weird that I didn't encounter before. When testing the site load in incognito browser mode it initially loaded images without CDN but on simple page reload, they were fetched from CDN. After closing incognito browser tab and opening a new one, exactly the same was happening - first load was without CDN and the next one with CDN. However, that only was happening in Chrome browser on windows but not on Firefox and on other operating systems.

    That's something that bothers me but I can't replicate it in any way on any of my test sites and I would need to investigate it further.

    I understand that there's been no conflict test run on the site and it's a life site where you'd prefer not to make any serious changes/tests, am I right?

    If yes, would it be possible that you set up a staging site? Such site should be an exact copy of the live site (e.g. on some sub-domain/sub-folder of the live site) and we could safely do all the necessary tests to investigate the case.

    Could you create such site? If yes, I would also need full access credentials to it (the staging site).

    Note: Don't leave your login details in this ticket.
    Instead, you can send me your details using our contact form and the template below:

    Subject: "Attn: Adam Czajczyk"
    - Site login URL
    - WordPress admin username
    - WordPress admin password
    - FTP credentials (host/username/password)
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    Kind regards,

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