Some Issues

Nice theme, but I am having an issue or two.

1. Not so much an issue, but a typo - the featured image should be 420px by 280px as far as I can tell. This isn't what it says in the admin panel though. (See screenshot)

2. Widgets don't want to drag into the sidebar boxes in IE9. It works in Chrome though. Widgets *will* drag *out* of those boxes, just not in to them. (Amazing how many annoying problems happen with IE)

3. The blogs_mu twitter widget doesn't wrap its content when in the sidebar. It spreads out over whatever area is next to it.

4. Is there any way to add a default image to the services area when it is being used for posts? I can't figure this out. I know adding a featured image will put it into that slot, but there is just a blank area otherwise.

~ Corey