Some issues with Q&A Plugin

I am using Q&A plugin (latest version), and wanted to know how to resolve/work with these issues.

1. If for a particular user role, I have selected (cannot ask question), then yourwebsite/questions page hides the "Ask a question" button. However, if the same user still goes directly to yourwebsite/questions/ask he will see the question form and he will be able to post the question. How do I block the user from seeing the form. This is definitely a bug, and needs to be resolved. if you can give me a solution to fix this, I'll be glad.

2. I want users to be able to folloq topics(i.e., categories). All I am asking you is to describe a way to do it so that I can get the functionality coded through a programmer.

3. In the back-end, I can add a question to multiple categories. In the front-end however, I can assign only one category. How to allow addition of multiple categories from the front-end.

4. Question under moderation. When a user adds a new question, i want it to go in for moderation, instead of directly getting published. This is very important so that I can scan questions before they get puiblished. Can you tell me a way / code change to achieve this?

Looking forward to answers to these questions. Realistically i am looking for tips/points to get this functionality implemented.