Some links redirecting to /wp-signup.php?new=[site I recently deleted]

Got a weird one, which I hope has an easy answer. I recently removed a sub-site on a multisite install, and now some (though not all) links are redirecting to /wp-signup.php?new=[site I recently removed]. I then get a blank page that says registration has been disabled. This is a bit of a problem. :wink:

I've seen similar behavior on another multisite install, and I got so fed up with it I just killed multisite. That's not an option for this project.


On the homepage, scroll to the basket of tomatoes (first image after the slider). The image links fine, but the text link next to it does this. Same for almost all the text links below.

I've disabled my plugins, problem persists.

Any ideas? I'd be happy to post my htaccess file, if that might be the culprit.