Some MarketPress features request

Hi everybody!

Guys, I'm here to ask some features to MarketPress that I think it would help a lot of users.

First of all, this amazing plugin really need to work with PagSeguro that is a Payment Gateway to Brazil and around countries. (I'm attaching the PagSeguro library to WP E-Commerce to this topic). Please, a lot of Brazilian developers would love it.

The second feature I think would be great to have in this plugin is to WPMU usage. I think that is great that we can categorize the sites if we multisite activate the plugin to get % of all the sales of our users. But I was thinking: If I have a multisite install to my users to create e-commerce sites and I get for example 5% of all their sales and some of my users sells cars. I can not get 5% of all their sales, 'cause it's a lot of money.

So I was thinking that in MarketPress we could categorize sites like:

General products (Computer, phones, cameras...) I can charge to 5% of all their sales;
Services (technicians, mason, woodworker...) I can charge to 3 % of each sale;
Big things (Cars, Boats, motorcycles...) I can charge to 0,5% of each sale;
Real Estate (Houses, flats...) I can charge to 0,2%.

These are some examples of things that can be sold by users, and there's no chance to charge the same percentage to all of that.

I think that's it for now.