Some more questions please help i'm quite stuck on how to solve them...

Hi firstly thank you for all the help you guys have given me, I have no coding experience and I’m a student marketing intern on placement so all of your help has been so perfect and easy to understand.

Could you help with these questions?

1) Make the calendar take up more space on the page (ie, make it taller and wider)

2) Make the calendar number and date fonts bigger and Arial

3) Show crosses on not available dates

4) Change the text (OUR SCHEDULE FOR JANUARY 2015) to Arial and make it bigger and bold

5) Make all buttons for the plugin green with Arial text and bigger than current ones

6) Change (PLEASE CHECK THE APPOINTMENT DETAILS BELOW AND CONFIRM:slight_smile: to DemoDay Booking Form in bold Arial bold

7) Change (please click here to confirm this appointment) to (click here to confirm booking)

8) Centre (please click here to confirm this appointment) and (cancel) buttons

9) How to change the confirmation message that pops up once a user has clicked the confirm button?

Here is a link to the page in question

Again thank you for your help