Some Multisite Analytics subdomain questions

As I’ve been talking about now for a while, I’m migrating a bunch of sites into a WordPress multi-site install. I’m setting this up as a subdirectory install rather than a subdomain install because the five sites are related and I operate each of them.

So, first, a basic question. Can Multisite Analytics handle subdirectories with unique UA codes the same way it can handle subdomains? Can it handle subdirectories at all (figured I should ask)?

Now, let’s punch it up a bit. I have domains,, and and my new multi-site is located at Once the sites are migrated, they’ll be at,, and Now, I also have currently active UA codes for each, so is UA-222222-1 and is UA-222222-2, and is UA-222222-3.

If I move these sites over, can I attach all of the traffic (and all the subdomains) to, say, UA-222222-4 and then still track the three other UA codes individually for the individual subdirectory-based sites?

Be kinda cool if it’ll work.

Also, I read in another post that there was some problem tracking pageviews and visits for remapped domains. Is this an issue for subdirectories, or could I trust this plugin to do the tracking I need?

As always, thankee mucho.