Some new Supporter plugin questions

I've got some, what I think are, problems with the new Supporter (2.0.3) plugin but I needed to ask some questions before I actually report them as bugs!

- We have set the majority of our plugins to be available to 'Anyone'
- None of them, yet, are set for Supporters.

- We also 'Activated for all users' our list of plugins (we're thinking this was a mistake)

Now if I log in as a non-admin user, and go to the plugins list, what I'm seeing is, well, nothing! There are no plugins available to activate/deative apart from one plugin that we didn't 'Activate for All users'

What it a mistake tio press 'activate for all users'?

And secondly even though we did press that, should they not appear in each users plugin list anyway?

I gues a little more understand of the expected behaviour of the Supporter plugin would be handy!