Some one logged into my website and I can't log anymore

Some one logged into my website and I can't log anymore and the webpages do not open. Please advise. URGENT assistance required!

Please check the message confirming the fact:

WordPress via
6:00 PM (2 hours ago)
New user registration on your site Abrace a Amazônia:
Username: HanneloreHouche

  • Patrick


    Welcome to the forums!

    Not to worry, your website can still be seen (2st screenshot below).

    But it does sound like your admin account has been corrupted, or even deleted.

    First, try the following steps to restore admin access to your account:

    - Login to your host control panel.
    - Launch the database administration tools (ex: phpMyadmin).
    - Select the database your WordPress blog is installed on.
    - Select the table “wp_usermeta” to edit it.
    - Click browse to view the fields and the data in them.
    - Search for your Admin User, you want to restore the access.
    - You should be able to find a field named “wp_capabilities” (2nd screenshot)
    - Click Edit.
    - In the text box replace the existing text with a:1:{s:13:”administrator”;b:1;} (3rd screenshot).
    - Click Save.
    - Log out of your database admin tool.
    - Now your Admin access should be restored.

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