Some Plugins can't be enabled when using the Product theme. (Infinite SEO, All for one SEO pack

Hello Support,

There is an Issue with the Product Theme: Some Plugins won't work with it!
I've tried and noticed that at least Infinite SEO and All for One SEO pack -plugins have similar issues with the Product Theme...

- After activating the plugins you won't be able to choose any options nor write any content into the plugins. (Feels like they are not activated, after all).

- I've updated everything to the latest versions, reinstalled all and enabled the plugins one by one (I've tried everything, actually).... Without success:,(

- The plugins work well after changing the theme, though!

I wonder, if you'll be able to help? - I like the Product Theme a lot and I'd like to stick with it!
(See )

Thank You,

Jyrki Raikamo