Some questions about Multisite blogs.

I am going to have a site with paying members and for that I plan on using your membership plugin.
These members should only be able to create one blog and I want them to only be an author of that blog.

I have tried the plugin (although not sure if it works on 3.2 yet) and it makes you able to select alot of default settings like the default theme for new blogs. But there is some things that it cannot do.

So what I am wondering is: Can you limit the amount of blogs people can create using your membership plugin and can you set the default user role for new blogs to become author?

If the answer to the above question is no. How would I solve this problem? :slight_smile:

Also, Is there any easy way or plugin that if you change the settings like the time/date or comment settings and so on on a single site. That you then can make that change on all the other blogs on the network aswell? Because sitting and manually editing all the blogs if you notice something you want to change is a very tedious and time consuming job.


  • Philip John
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    The Membership plugin does provide a blog creation rule and you are able to set the number of additional blogs users can create to 0 to achieve what you ask.

    You cannot set new users to author by default as they need to be sub-site admins in order to gain access to their site.

    Membership doesn't allow you to change site settings on a global scale but there are plugins out there that do that and a simple search will help you to find those.


  • Dukeswe
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    Good that the membership plugin does limit that. One less thing to worry about :slight_smile:

    But what do you mean with that you can't set new users to author be default? Like for example with this plugin: (Which unfortunately doesn't work).

    But the thing is that I don't want them to have admin access to their blog. On my other site when I created a new blog for someone I have always instantly changed their user role to author and found no problems with that. I want them to be authors to limit the powers of them so they don't change all the settings/theme, and such that I have already set up for them to automatically receive upon creation. I don't want them be able to create any pages on their blog since it is only supposed to work like a diary. Which is why them only being author on creation would be great.

    The only global scale plugin I've found is
    I hope that one will do the trick :slight_smile:
    Gonna have to try it out later.


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    I don't want them to have admin access to their blog

    Every blog needs an admin and so by default WordPress will make the user registering the admin. In your manual edits you've effectively left the blog without an admin and instead you become admin. Instead, you're probably better off changing the default capabilites of an admin to be equal to that of an author in order to achieve what you want. Try using Members for that.


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