some questions about the snapshot plugin

1. when i try to connect snapshpot to google drive i am getting this message: "403 Permission Denied You do not have permission for this request /themes/ofek1/wp-admin/admin.php?page=snapshots_destinations_panel&snapshot-action=add&type=google-drive"

2. if i what the full site to backup do i need to click on the inclued selected files under what files to archive and then selcet all the options or i need to do some thing else?

3. is it possible to save multi backups for let say for 15 days and then delete them if yes how do i do this?

4. if i need to restore the site what would be the prosess?

5. is it possible the the backup file will be sent only to google drive and not be saves also on the server?

6. right now the site is under another site in the public html folder i dont want the plugin to backup the full public html, only the site /themes/ofek1 how can i configure this?

7. is the anyway to give each backup file name a date and time of backup?

8. how to configure the main setting of the plugins what are the values that i need to enter (memoey, Segment Size, etc)?