Some questions with e-newsletter and cron and godaddy email server problems

Hello there. I installed the e-Newsletter plugin and have been working with it non-stop. I have a few clarification questions I hope you can help with.

#1) Should I send the emails through CRON? I didn’t see another option other than sending them through CRON. Basically, what are my options for sending the emails, and regardless of my choices, is it best to send them through CRON?

#2) Do I need to create a CRON job on my cPanel to support me choosing to send my emails through CRON in the e-Newsletter plugin?

#3) For the CRON limitations, what are the best practices? Is 100 per month too many? 100 per day? 100 per hour? What about waiting 1 second or 5 second or 60 second per email? Is it best to send as many as possible in the shortest amount of time, or do spread them out?

I assume my server and hosting plays a role into this. I am running my website on the following:
- OS: Linux
- Server CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1220 V2
- Server Core/Speed: 4 x 3.1Ghz
- CPUs: 1
- RAM: 7.8GB
- Drives/Total Space: 4, 917GB SATA
- RAID: 10

#4) I have my hosting through Liquid Web, and my business secure email from GoDaddy. Does that make a difference to the e-Newsletter plugin?

#5) I am using the e-newsletter plugins to send emails to specific Membership Plugin Levels I set up in the Membership plugin. I see I can check a box next to a level when I am getting ready to send the newsletter. So this is great.

Just so I understand, if I only intend to send out newsletters to Membership Plugin Levels, the there is no reason to set up any Member Groups within the e-newsletter plugin, correct? There is no connection between a Member Group I set up in the e-newsletter plugin and a membership access level from the Membership plugin, correct? If no, can you elaborate further?

#6) I have business email through GoDaddy. For the Bounce Settings, I created an email address When I check my GoDaddy’s Email Center, I see the incoming server (POP3) is and the standard port is 110. When I enter all the info in the Bounce Settings, and click Test Connection, I can get a message that says “Bounce test message not found”.

I asked this during a live chat session and I was advised that it’s an issue with the server settings for the SMTP on GoDaddy's side with the bounce emails. I’m not sure what that means exactly. Can you elaborate a little?

Thank you very much