Some reason, WHMCS Integration "Encode URL" isn't "encoding" and shows same

It appears that for some reason, the WHMCS Integration plugin that I have installed on my site isn't actually modifying the URL to show properly for the site. I am currently running the latest v1.3 available. I enter the URL of the WHMCS install, press the "Encode the URL" button and the page executes, reloads and shows the same identical link as I entered in the previous box. No errors, nothing? No changes have been made (that I'm aware of). I use no caching plugins. WHMCS settings have not been modified and the plugin works throughout the site like it always has. Oddly enough, this is now happening. I did actually make a change, that being the only change I made was to upgrade and install the WHMCS 6.1x version, set the WHMCS integration plugin to "Auto Detect" and let it be.