Something changed since v3.9.9.1 that has broken a feature of my Site!

The problem I'm having is that my site uses Social Networks Auto Poster plugin. I automatically post my content to Social Media Sites.

I've noticed that none of my posts are showing up on my social media pages since upgrading to 4.0.4.

I've tried to get help from that plugin support but they haven't responded.

What I believe is going on is. Sometime from v3.9.9.1 and v4.04 the Autoblog changed the way it posts, and now my plugin doesn't recognize the post.

Autoblog pulls a feed and saves it for a specific category. My Social Plugin should recognize the category and post it. If I open the post and untick the category and retick it manually it will post like it should. So now it only works when I manually choose the category. Is there anyway we can get this fixed?