Something is corrupted on my homepage that prevents upfront editing

Hi there, I've been having this issue since yesterday...

Site is

I was editing my default homepage and it wigged out. I was trying to set up rollover effects for the icons and placed some custom code in an new section underneath the Our Services section and I am wondering if I have caused the page to have issues.

It applied orange as a background and several content elements are missing from the section where I have an image of a guy looking out the window. The rest of the page is generally a bit off from what it should look like.

If I try and use the Upfront option from the page itself, none of the items are accessible from the very top menu bar. They are not clickable, not even the WP Dashboard option. Nothing works.

I can access Upfront from within the WP-Admin back end but it skews the whole page all over the place and none of the LH menu options are visible or accessible.

I can create NEW pages and edit no worries but cannot properly access or edit the default homepage.