Somewhere between admin and super admin

Anyone know of a plugin that provides a role somewhere between ‘admin’ and ‘super admin’? I want to give our support staff access to administer all sites without giving them access to change network settings. I suppose I could just write a plugin that adds them as an admin to each site that’s created, but it’d be nice to give ’em access to some of the Network Admin tools (searching for sites, maybe adding sites/users/etc) without letting them change plugin settings or other network-wide options.

Any ideas?

  • DavidM
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    Hi Chris,

    Seeing as your alternative would be to code a plugin, perhaps the User Role Editor plugin would suffice?

    It lets you add capabilities and it is multisite compatible, having an option to where roles and capabilities persist on the network.

    You might also find the Admin Menu Editor useful as it lets you change the role requirements for various menu options.

    Hope that helps!


  • CB
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    Hi Chris, what about the Extended Super Admins plugin? (

    You can create a group called Super Admin Lite and remove the specific network capabilities that you don’t want them to have. If you remove the edit_plugins capability, it removes the Network Plugin menu. If you remove the edit_themes capability, it removes the Network Themes menu.

    (It seems you have to hide the network admin > upgrade menu yourself as the plugin doesn’t seem to do it.)

    We installed it in mu-plugins (so that if we ever had to rename the plugins folder to hunt for a faulty plugin, the ESA plugin would still run… otherwise all of your support staff who were super admin lites would instantly become super admins until you reactivated the ESA plugin.

    Not sure if this helps, but it’s a multi network solution. Cheers.

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