Sorry about my bad english hope you can understand:-) Iam

Sorry about my bad english hope you can understand:slight_smile:
Iam using the chat plugin with buddypress.
How can i adjust that new user automatic available / online on chat?
On buddypress Profil there are no settings to adjust the Chat settings. It is only possible on wordpress Profile. But i only use Buddypress profil so i cant adjust chat settings. What should i do?
I have one Messagebox in Footer that i can't reach. The Checkbox to close the box, is outside my window. How can i close the box? Maybe you want to check -
Testuser: Klaus
Passw. ellern
Is the chat available in german?
Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Patrick

    Hi @Ralf

    Welcome to the forums!

    When your users are logged-in, they can set their online status in the WordPress toolbar on your site.

    I see the box to close the chat just fine in all browsers (Firefox, Chrome & IE). The button is the minus sign "-". What browser are you using to view your site?

    The Chat plugin can be easily translated to any language using our new translation area here:

    Simply click the name of the plugin you need, then select your translation. If the available translation is not complete, you can complete it for your own needs. If your language is not available, you can create it. Full instructions are here:

  • Ralf

    Hi Patrick,

    Thank you very much for your help!

    i cant close the box - using Firefox please look at the photo.

    That user can set theire status on wordpress i know, but they have to use the buddypress profil. Now i have seen that on my admin account i can set the status. But on test user there are no settings. maybe it is possible to adjust it on admin toolbar?

    The online status:
    I haven't tried it yet, but new or allready registrated users, do they have the status on- or offline? they should generally have online status.

    The translation i will work soon on it :slight_smile:

  • Patrick

    Hi again @Ralf

    I just took another look at your site in Firefox, and I can still see and close the chat box just fine. Can you post a screenshot of the Box Appearance settings for the Settings Site section please? it would help to see how you have set it up.

    Try increasing the width of the Chat Box Container.

    You could also try adding this to your theme's style-sheet:

    .wpmudev-chat-title-text { width:120px; }

  • Paul


    Private chats are only initiated by the moderator within a group chat session with other attendees. Also, as Patrick pointed out with our Friends plugin you create a connection between yourself and other users. This works much like Facebook and other social network. You simply don't get access to all user.

    And public users cannot initiate private chat at this time. This is in the works in what is being labelled 'Support Chat'. Where users can come to your site and click on something to start a private chat with some site moderator. This is being worked on and will be added in the coming weeks.

  • Paul


    Have I understood correctly, the 'support chat' you beeing worked on, is the solution for my problem?

    Maybe or maybe not. Many people come to these forums wanting to allow anonymous or Public/Facebook/Twitter/etc user to initiate private chat. This is not really want they want. They want to allow anonymous user the ability to ask a question with some admin/moderator.So I offered you that we are working on the support chat concept which will provide that ability.

    to your specific question:

    Can i adjust the settings that i can chat with everyone who is registrate and online?

    No. There is no adjustment. As an admin user you can go to Users > All Users and see those WP users who are active and currently online and initiate private chat. There are no other options at this time. But yes part of the concept of the 'support' chat is you will be able to see whip is online both WP users and non-WP users via a Dashboard widget. You will also be able to see what page they are on. From there you can start a chat to ask if they need assistance for example.

    With 'support' chat you will have the other option to have a button or image on the front-end. The user can click it and then a private chat will initiate with some backend admin who is monitoring online support.

  • Paul


    It should be that registered user can talk to each other without making friends. I think if it is not possible to talk without which one is a friend , is this chat plugin not suitable for me

    Well we disagree. Think about Facebook. when you go to chat you don't get to see ALL Facebook users whoc you can chat with. You on;y get to see those users whom you have created a connection to. Similar with Google+

    Besides if I were on a site and started getting pinged by unknown users whom I didn't know to chat with me I might get a little upset.

    At least that was our thinking about offering some form of protection.

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