Sorry for th estupid questions but I'm trying to update

Hi: Sorry for th estupid questions but I'm trying to update WPMU DEV dashboard but it's asking for ftp info (which I don't have). Also, I can't upload photos now. What should I do?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Bill,

    I hope you're well today and thanks for your question!

    I think this is an issue related to a server's file and folder permissions. Each file and folder on a server can be made readable/writable/executable for its owner, the group (this is a filesystem related) and all other programs or any combination of this. Due to the security reasons these permissions are often being set too strict for WordPress, therefore WordPress isn't able to upload the files to the server - the same is about the photos.

    To fix this you either need to contact your hosting provider for FTP details or login to your server's control panel (such as cPanel or DirectAdmin), find a tool called "File Manager" and use it to find this folder:


    There should be an icon or a tool to set folder permission. Use it please to set permissions to:

    "Read, write, execute" for "owner"
    "Read, execute" for "group"
    "Read, execute" for "all"

    The same permissions can be represented by numbers: 0755

    Repeat the same process for these two folders:



    This should allow you to upload photos and let WordPress perform plugin updates.

    Let me know if it helped!


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