Access levels not working

Sorry for yet another request but I am experiencing difficulties. Either I do not understand how the plugin is supposed to work or something is wrong with my system.

I understand that access levels work as follows:

For the positive rules: You select something that you DO want to give access to and everything else is restricted. The reverse is true of the negative rules. Am I right or am I wrong?

Now... in my case let us take "Pages". Pages that are placed in the positive area are made available but other pages remain available (if you know their URL)... they are not protected. The only way I can find to protect a page (or other objects) is to explicitly put it in the Negative rules. This makes the whole process extremely tedious.

Does anyone have some insights into this issue? I have used separate browsers, I always clean out the cache, I have even cleaned the computer using CCleaner etc...

I also have another question in relation to URL groups but will leave it as the answer to this question may clear it all up. And yes I have read the docs which are online.

Thank you very much.

  • aristath

    Hello there @Andrew, I hope you're well today!

    For the positive rules: You select something that you DO want to give access to and everything else is restricted. The reverse is true of the negative rules. Am I right or am I wrong?

    You're spot on!

    Now, as for your issue, I'll need more info on your configuration!
    Can you please post some screenshots?
    I'll need:
    a) Screenshots of your access levels configuration
    b) Screenshots of your subscription levels configuration

    Awaiting your reply,

  • Andrew

    Hello @aristath

    Thanks for the feedback. I have included what I think you are looking for but I am not sure. It does not seem to have much information. I will be happy to give you more information.

    Many of the access levels you see are configured to use the URL groups as I am obliged to access Custom Post Types which do not show up in the WP Categories or pages or... anywhere... They have the same problem as the standard WP categories - and creating the same difficulty for me.

    The shots I am sending you are for the level called "Access Test" and which is very very simple: just a menu with a few items and a few pages. These are all visible in the normal WP categories. I thought I needed to test the levels with something standard and simple.

    I do not have any billing configurations yet. I assign the access levels to user manually. I am still *very* much at the beginning of everything.

    I wonder if there is a clash with a plugin or a theme. I have disabled as many as I can and I am using the Suffusion theme.

    I have been experimenting with some other membership plugins but this one seems to be the most promising for me so far.

  • Andrew

    Thank you Ari,

    Actually I have tried this too and it still did not work.

    So... using a WAMP on my laptop, I downloaded a new version of WP and installed it. Installed just the Membership plugin and Quick Cache. There is nothing else on it... no fancy theme, no control plugins - nothing but vanilla WP.

    The positive permissions now seem to work (as far as access is concerned). HOWEVER, a new problems has emerged - see attached screenshots.

    (a) I need to control the menu. So... I authorise 2 items.
    (b) I need to control page access. So... I authorise 3 pages for access but only want 2 pages to be accessed via the menu.

    This does not work. If a page is authorised, *even if no menu item exists or has been approved for it* then it *will* appear in the menu.

    Is there some setting I have missed I wonder.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Andrew

    OK - Everything is broken again - for no reason. Brand new site running locally. Using FF to modify and Chrome to access on the same machine. Only the membership plugin is installed - nothing else. Maybe it is a WP setting. I wonder if the permalinks settings have anything to do with it. Anyway...

    Using POSITIVE or NEGATIVE settings the result is the same:
    (a) The menu comes out correctly BUT
    (b) The unselected pages are not protected.

    No point in sending you screen shots on this one (not yet at least).

    And... this is happening at the visitor level. I am not even trying anything fancier than that.

    I will try to access this from a different computer - there may be a browser caching problem or something like that although I have cleaned out the browsers etc etc.

    Thanks for any more ideas.


  • Andrew

    Some updates which may be of interest to others and perhaps the developers.

    On my system:

    (a) The permalinks have to be set to "Month and Postname" or "Postname". It looks like membership requires the postname to function properly. I had set the numeric pernalink but that failed.

    (b) Strangely... If you have a static front page as the home page. If you select it in the positive rules in both visitor and non-visitor modes, then all the UNselected positive links can still show if you know their URL. They are unprotected.

  • Andrew

    Hello Ari,

    No problem. I have done quite a bit since then and actually had a post on a related but separate problem... in the end they both came together. Take a look at:

    Now for what I think was actually the major major problem. I was using URL groups extensively and I had left a blank line at the end of my URL specifications. In effect, this meant that when the regex function was invoked everything opened up. Once I realised that then things improved rapidly. It did drive me crazy though.

    BTW I diagnosed many of these on a local WAMP system that I installed on my laptop:literally nothing other than vanilla WP and Membership. In other words, the cache had nothing to do with it. There is also another issue with the default front page when using URL groups. You will get a description of that in the URL I sent above.

    Hope that helps clarify things and perhaps help someone else.


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