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Hello- I am getting the error message "Sorry, no members were found." when I click on the members tab. I don't understand why BuddyPress isn't finding my existing WP users. I have 100+ and they are all listed just fine as WP Users for the main site, but for some reason BP isn't identifying them as "Members"

When I take a look at the wp_bp_xprofile_data table, only new sign ups are showing up, however those new sign ups are still not showing up under the members tab. I still get "Sorry, no members were found." even with the new registrations.

Hopefully there is a simple solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

BTW- I recently consolidated a couple of my sites to fall under my main domain which is set up as a WP 3.0 multi-site network. The "existing users" that I refer to are those users that I brought over from one of my sites that I moved and they are listed as users for the main site. I thought that the problem was from this transfer, however the fact that I STILL have the problem even with NEW sign ups makes me think the problem is something else. Please help! :slight_smile:

  • drmike

    Greets and welcome to wpmudev.

    It would be a plus if you included a link so we can see the problem as well as a check of your webserver's error logs whenever dealing with a problem. Most support forums operate in such a manner and it's a good habit to get into.

    Letting us know what specific versions of wp/wpmu as well as bp would also be helpful.

    Right off nothing comes to mind though although I myself am not a bp user.

  • JenORoss

    I tried reinstalling buddypress and starting from scratch today, but I am still having the same problem. The users are showing up in wp_bp_xprofile_data as they log in for the first time, but when you click on the "members" tab it says "Sorry, no members were found." Their activity is showing up in the stream however... any ideas? A fresh install didn't fix the problem as I had hoped. Thanks, Jennifer

  • JenORoss

    Well, I decided to re-install WordPress, Multi-Site, BuddyPress... EVERYTHING and completely start over from scratch. Maybe that was going overboard, but it was my only option. It is now showing the members and friend requests as it should for my 2 test accounts, but now I need to figure out a way of bring over the data, posts and WP users from the old site without disturbing what i have working now. Any ideas?

  • JenORoss

    No, last time (after doing alot of Codex research first) I ended up using a tutorial for moving your sites into a single Multi-Site network. Basically I moved wp-content files via FTP into the appropriate folders, then went into the database using PHPmyAdmin and dropped the relevant tables per the tutorial and replaced them with those from the old site with he data that I wanted to keep intact. It was a very lengthy tutorial, and I was certain that I did it correctly. It was working just fine, but once I added the BP layer on, that one members aspect just didn't work right. The reason why I attempted to do it this way vs the normal WP export was because I was trying to retain some data that was tied in with the posts and users that would not export by just using the build in WP export function.

    I'll just go ahead and try the WP export feature, and just go in after the fact to add the missing data manually I guess. Messing with the database scares me. :slight_smile:

    It's still a fairly new site, so starting from scratch wasn't that big of a deal as I still have the other sites going individually until I "re-launch"

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