Sort Directory listings by title

I love this Directory plugin (now that I've figured out how to integrate it into my own template finally), but I found this lack of being able to sort by title (or any other suitable factor) quite shocking.

Developers of this plugin please note. You advertise this on your own site like so:
"The Directory plugin comes bundled with all the tools and Payment Gateways you need to create a Yellow Pages like online Directory". I don't know about you, but I have never seen Yellow Pages listings sorted by submission time/date.

Apologies if this comes across with a particularly sour tone, but when you pay money for a WP plugin, you expect it to work as advertised. Please please please can this feature be addressed as soon as possible :slight_smile:

In the meantime I've tried to find where I can tweak the code myself using orderby=title (or however it is done). Please can someone advise me how this is done.

I don't want to install a beta version, nor do I want to manually sift through my listings & change their submission times (the advice given in this post:

I tried to follow the advice here loosely, but I think the plugin structure may have changed since then, as I can't find the file:
(plus I've integrated it into my own theme, so not using the default Directory theme myself).

Many thanks,

  • Kimberly

    Hi Ali!

    I afraid that without installing the Beta version that Arnold supplies here

    You will not be able to change the structure of the listing order. As you can see by his reply there, it's not something that is available at this time.

    Until recently Directory was not at the level we would have preferred it to function and it was assigned a new developer and recoded. If you look at the date stamp on the posts from the second link you supplied (3/2011) and the Changelog there have been 10 updates and one major Recode to date.

    We are working to get it sorted and offer more options, however we want to make sure it is correct when we finally get it ready for release.



  • ali_wright

    OK, thanks for replying Kimberly. How do I install the beta version? I tried to do it through the install plugins section, but it wouldn't work, as it obviously says it is installed already. Do I uninstall the existing one first? Hesitant, as I don't want to lose any listings already there.

    I don't have ftp access at this time, but I do have the FileManager plugin installed if that helps...

  • Kimberly


    Unfortunately FTP Access is the best way to install the BETA, I would encourage you to try to get access to install it.

    However, if that is not at all a possibility I can say that your listings are stored in the Database, not the plugin so you could delete the plugin and reinstall the Beta via the plugin area.

    I would strongly suggest backing up just in-case something goes awry, that way you can restore listings, plugins, etc without worry

    Please let me know how you get along! I'll close this for the time being since we've established the best course to proceed :slight_smile: If you have any objections just re-open!



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