Sorting by Post Order Number - Descending Not working

Good Morning,

I want to have our courses ordered by the Post Order Number. I want the newest course that we just created to show at the top of our list, so I set the order to Descending. It unfortunately doesn't make the list order descending. I have the first course I created months ago showing first. Can you please help me get the courses in the proper order?

Thank you!

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey HIG,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I've just tested this on my test setup and course sorting seems to be working fine for me. There's a "catch" however: when "Post Order Number" is selected as a sort "order by" indicator, you're able to manually re-order courses by simply dragging them in desired position on "CoursePress Pro" -> "Courses" page of your dashboard.

    Although it should respect the ordering setting ("Ascending"/"Descending") it may break ordering. Are you sure you haven't change the course order before?

    There's also a possibility that the theme or other plugin may be breaking the ordering feature.

    That said, please try the following (after each step checking for the issue):

    1. Empty all caches and disable cache plugin if you're using any
    2. Switch to default Twenty Fifteen WP theme for a moment
    3. Run a plugin conflict test by disabling all the plugins at once (except CoursePress) and then enabling them one-by-one each time checking for the issue.

    Let me know please of the results!


  • HIG
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I have changed it to the Course Order by "Post Order Number" before and it respected the setting ("Ascending"/"Descending"). Then it was switched back to "Post Date". Now I'm trying to get it back to "Post Order Number". I have gone through and disabled every plugin except for CoursePress and WooCommerce. The order was still messed up, so I switched to Twenty Fifteen WP theme and switched back. Still nothing. Finally I switched it back to filter by date, saved, and then switched back to "Post Order Number" and it seemed to work. The courses still do not go in complete order but it is much closer than before hand.

    I've re-enabled all the plugins I had before and the setting is still fine. I even added a new course, and it appeared in the second slot, but even though the courses still appear out of ID order it is closer than before.

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