Sorting of Sites in Multisite Menues

Hi Heros and Programmers

We had a problem here and it got solved thanks to Dimitri and a script by Otto. Unfortunately the script can only sort A-Z but really cool would be to sort the sites in many other ways and showing the blog ID - of course getting that all integrated into one of the WPMUDEV Plugins i.e. WPMUDEV Dashboard

I created a file named: sort-my-sites.php - in mu-plugins
and I inserted the code by Otto

Plugin Name: Sort My-Sites
Description: Sorts the My Sites listing on both the page and in the 3.3 admin bar dropdown
Author: Otto

function sort_my_sites($blogs) {
        $f = create_function('$a,$b','return strcasecmp($a->blogname,$b->blogname);');
        uasort($blogs, $f);
        return $blogs;

That works just perfectly to sort the names.

That code won't give you an option to sort A-Z or Z-A or Creation Date or Admin Name
It also has no option to show the ID of the site behind the name (or in front) nor is it able to sort via ID

perhaps someone could help and modify it further with those filter options and WPMUDEV could integrate it i.e. into the Dashboard.

I hope many support that idea and probably can add also some improvements (ideas) and of course code if you have. Thanks!

Kind regards