SOS - major glitch ocurring with Comments +

While testing comments, only about 25% of the comments I am making are showing up on my site. The little circle indicating something is happening goes off each time, but only 1/4 of them have been going through.

My site is comment driven and thankfully, I've only shared it with a few friends. I discovered this when I was writing to you guys about another related issue - the avatars aren't showing up for FB comments anymore. Jack asked me to send him a link so I tried to make a new comment and discovered this new and greater issue.

This was all working great a week or so ago when I had friends testing comments!

Also last night, a friend posted a comment and it showed up blank. (Also via FB). I didn't think anything of that then.

Please check the site itself I have it enabled for WPMU support - you can also test it - I will change my comment settings so they post immediately. I need to get this resolved today or switch to a different comment plugin.