SoundManger Error

-- SoundManager 2 failed to load (security/load error) --
soundManager.disable(): Shutting down
soundManager: Failed to initialise.
soundManager: Verify that ./soundmanager2_debug.swf is a valid path.
soundManager: No Flash response within expected time. Likely causes: Loading soundmanager2_debug.swf may have failed (and/or Flash 8+ not present?), Flash blocked or JS-Flash security error.
soundManager: Getting impatient, still waiting for Flash...
soundManager::initMovie(): Waiting for ExternalInterface call from Flash..
soundManager::initMovie(): Got EMBED element (created via JS)
soundManager::createMovie(): Trying to load ./soundmanager2_debug.swf
-- SoundManager 2 V2.97a.20110123 (AS2/Flash 8), normal polling --

Any reason why this would be happening on a sub blog in a network?