Spam in moderation "reason" field

You gotta love the spammers. I've installed the comment moderation feature and while I don't have spam in the comments themselves, I'm getting a lot of "report this post" postings with spam in the "Reason" field.

The screenshot shows some of the spam, but that goes on for three or four full screen-loads.

Crazy people. Before I delete these posts, is there anything you need from me for future testing or debugging?


  • David
    • The Crimson Coder

    Yeah, I know. But isn't that the whole purpose of anti-spam and such? Just saying. Like, perhaps, check to see if the reason field is more than 128 characters or contains words from a particularly spammy wordlist.

    Not asking for a fix right away, but it's a definite feature request.

  • clm771
    • Flash Drive

    Possible solution: try disabling the textarea so that no content can be submitted with the report.

    in moderation.php look for the line:

    $output .= '< p >' . __('Notes', 'moderation') . ' (' . __('optional', 'moderation') . '):< br/ >< textarea name="report_note" style="width:95%;" >< /textarea >< /p >';

    and change textarea to textarea disabled

    Or get rid of the textarea altogether but im not clear on what to comment out. if anyone knows the answer that would be great.

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