Spam in network "Top Posts / Pages" list

Strangely, sometimes I notice a foreign/unidentified entry in the network's list of "Top Posts / Pages". The ranking page is not part of the network nor does it appear in the source list on Google Analytics.

You can see a screenshot cut-out on where the entry I'm talking about is number 8 with that very spammy name. The entry points to an external domain that is NOT part of the network.

For completeness, is the list as shown on Google Anlaytics.

I've noticed some weird entries before but this time it is clearly SPAM. I've never seen them in individual site lists, only in the network pages list.

How can these rogue entries get in there?!?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Ravan,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for your question!

    It sounds like someone else is using your tracking code. It's likely in the google anaytics view your results are filtered to your site only, but in the network admin view they are not. When you visit that link can you see your tracking code when you inspect the site?

    Either way, this won't harm your site in any way. As mentioned here, best solution is to just filter them out in Google Analytics, which it looks like is already being done :slight_smile:!topic/analytics/14mq5mXY6wg

    Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.

    All the best,

  • RavanH

    Hi Tyler, thanks for the explanation. I was affraid it would be something like that... When I visit the URL that the entry points to, I get redirected to a site known as Semrush (yes, dot com) that does not include my UA code ID but it is clearly intentionally used for the redirect domain to make it appear in the analytics results.

    I'm surprised that a known service as Semrush needs these kind of spam tactics.

    The filtering technique described on!topic/analytics/14mq5mXY6wg would be nice if I wasn't using Domain Mapping and have many clients with their own domain. So I would either have to set up an allow-filter for each (new) domain that is part of the network or a block-filter for each spam domain that appears in the top pages list from time to time.

    Both too much work at this point so I'll just ignore these rogue entries for now :slight_frown: as they are not frequent (yet) and normally suddenly float up and then drop off again. Reminds me of the old server based visit statistics where spammers would make their domain appear...

    Anyway, thanks again :slight_smile:

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