Spammers & Buddypress

I was just looking through my analytics data and found a query people are using to find BP sign up pages…

“account details” “username” “choose a password” “email address” “blog details” “yes, i’d like to create a new blog” inurl:disappointed:register”

When you enter this into Google I get nearly 20,000 results found.

The result has been an influx of spammers that set up blogs with crap on them.

Thought I would share that and wonder what a good solution might be? I choose to edit the register.php file. I renamed the text field names. I started on line 28.


<?php _e( ‘username’, ‘buddypress’ ) ?>

Changed to

<?php _e( ‘Enter User Name’, ‘buddypress’ ) ?>

Then I changed the other field names the same way.