Special Requirement for Membership 2 Pro

Dear All,

for a project I have specific requirement for the member plugin which I am testing already. It seems that the plugin is fullfilling my basic needs but I do have to request I am not sure if it is possible to do.

Here is the case: My content is dripping over 30days. People are buying a subription, coming to a welcome page with different intrustruction and should be able to start the program we are selling anytime they want.

1) So the content needs to start dripping on a user interaction, so basically it is like a day 0 -> that's the first thing

2) The second thing is, that content from day 1 needs to disappear when the content of day 2 is available -> that's the second thing

So is there any way to build this concept maybe with other WPMU Plugins or is it possible to create this with any kind of costum work?

Many thanks for your support and looking forward to your ideas!!!