Specific need Theme Recomendation

Hello everyone!

So here's a weird one, for years I've been helping run http://www.zasbaidefeis.com It's a kind of NSFW humour site.

The theme was a free one from years ago and well, it has its many limitations. We're considering relaunching the site and remaking it (keeping it's almost 30K posts).

The problem is using a new theme. Because of the nature of the site, people don't actually click on the posts, as each post is an image an a line or two of text. So, we need a theme that works in the same way. Unfortunately most themes we'll just display the featured image and a caption of the next and also in a category kind of way, we need a good ol scrolls down style theme. One post after the next with pages. You'll instantly see what I mean when you go on the site.

FInding it hard to find anything suitable so I thought I'd ask the community here and see if anyone knows of any theme that meets this need.

Thanks in advance!