Specific Site Dashboard Link from "My Sites" Menu for Multisite

Hello WPMUDev Team,

I have Multisite installed and it's working fine on my WP.

However, when I'm inside Network Admin page > My Sites ; with each of my sites listed there, if I hover on one of the site and click on the "Dashboard" link to go to this specific site's Dashboard, it didn't bring me there. It brings me to the main site.

In order to go there, I will have to specifically input the site's name on the URL before /wp-admin.

My site is http://shuppatsu.iggnited.org. I created "eightbeats" as one of the sites. In order to go its dashboard I would have to manually input "eightbeats" in the URL so it will go to http://shuppatsu.iggnited.org/eightbeats/wp-admin/

Attached is a screenshot to illustrate this.

Please advise what I should do to get this corrected.