Specific theme functionality question

On my current theme (not from you) I have a type of content template I set called 'Portfolio' (sample here: http://abraxas.pw/podcasts)

One limitation of the old theme is that there can only be one of those per site. I would like to have multiple on my site (one for podcasts, one for blogs, one for streams - each with some keyword sortable options - like on the existing page)

I noticed a wordpress CMS theme set for multi-site which looks like it would definitely allow for making a template like this but my question is different.

Given that I am new to webdev/wordpress are there any themes you offer which will provide this functionality OR are there any ways I could clone that content type in to a new theme (one of yours) OR would it be fastest to work with someone or learn the Wordpress CMS in order to create this?

I'd even be willing to pay some amount to work with someone to copy the old type which I am using over to a new theme (assuming we can create multiple instances on the same site)