specify category to fundraiser project 'hidden posts'


(two links to pics to the puzzles I have with fundraiser and our site.

http://www.powerofone.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/pic1.jpg and http://www.powerofone.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/pic2.jpg

I would like to show the featured images from different projects on my landing page. My landing page has placeholders that show featured images of posts from a specified existing category. That is puzzle 1. Is it possible to categorize all the projects? (add category tables in the database maybe and how?)

Once clicking on one of those featured images on our landing paghe (specified in the fundraiser project) it should go to the fundraiser project page as defined in fundraiser and since it is behaving like a post it shows the author and date and that I do not need. That is puzzle number 2

Puzzle number 3 is that I need to show my 3 fundraiser projects on a page (not a post) with:

just the featured image of the project and here’s the puzzle JUST an excerpt of the project description. Excerpts are automatically done through my theme for posts only.

Can I make the projects behave like posts??

Other than that I find Fundraiser a Funraiser.

Kindest regards, Dirk Lovink